A coupled CFD-Monte Carlo method for simulating complex aerosol dynamics in turbulent flows

2016-12-12T18:26:21Z (GMT) by Shuyuan Liu Tat Leung Chan

A coupled computational fluid dynamics (CFD)-Monte Carlo method is presented to simulate complex aerosol dynamics in turbulent flows. A Lagrangian particle method-based probability density function (PDF) transport equation is formulated to solve the population balance equation (PBE) of aerosol particles. The formulated CFD-Monte Carlo method allows investigating the interaction between turbulence and aerosol dynamics and incorporating individual aerosol dynamic kernels as well as obtaining full particle size distribution (PSD). Several typical cases of aerosol dynamic processes including turbulent coagulation, nucleation and growth are studied and compared to the sectional method with excellent agreement. Coagulation in both laminar and turbulent flows is simulated and compared to demonstrate the effect of turbulence on aerosol dynamics. The effect of jet Reynolds (Rej) number on aerosol dynamics in turbulent flows is fully investigated for each of the studied cases. The results demonstrate that Rej number has significant impact on a single aerosol dynamic process (e.g., coagulation) and the simultaneous competitive aerosol dynamic processes in turbulent flows. This newly modified CFD-Monte Carlo/PDF method renders an efficient method for simulating complex aerosol dynamics in turbulent flows and provides a better insight into the interactions between turbulence and the full PSD of aerosol particles.

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