A decision model to determine the number of shuttles in a tier-to-tier SBS/RS

2018-07-13T10:26:29Z (GMT) by Yunsoo Ha Junjae Chae
<p>Shuttle-based storage and retrieval systems (SBS/RSs), which are designed to increase throughput capacity and flexibility, are a type of automated storage and retrieval system used for lightweight loads. SBS/RSs can increase throughput capacity by using multiple shuttles and elevators as storage and retrieval machines (SRMs). They can also facilitate improvements in flexibility since they are able to adjust the number of SRMs according to transaction demands. Thus, determining the number of shuttles is an important issue in tier-to-tier SBS/RSs. In this paper, a decision model to determine the number of shuttles is proposed. The model is based on the travel time model, and it considers parameters such as the physical configuration, velocity profile and the probability that the shuttle operates a dual command. Finally, the throughput capacity from the travel time model is compared with that from a simulation-based approach in order to verify the effects of the model. In addition, a critical discussion regarding the characteristics of the tier-to-tier system is provided.</p>