A new dimeric protoberberine alkaloid and other compounds from the tubers of <i>Tinospora dentata</i>

<p>A new dimeric quaternary protoberberine alkaloid, bispalmatrubine (<b>1</b>), and thirteen known compounds (<b>2</b>-<b>14</b>) were purified from the tubers of <i>Tinospora dentata</i>. Their structures were determined by spectroscopic and spectrometric analytical methods. Among the isolates, eight compounds were examined for their <i>in vitro</i> anti-inflammatory potential and several tested alkaloids displayed moderate inhibitory effects of <i>N</i>-formyl-methionyl-leucyl-phenylalanine/cytochalasin B (fMLP/CB)-induced superoxide anion generation and elastase release.</p>