Amide linkage in novel three-ring bent-core molecular assemblies: polar mesophases and importance of H-bonding

Here, we report the first examples of achiral unsymmetrical three-ring bent-shaped liquid crystals comprising amide and imine linkages with transverse substituents of methyl and chloro moieties on the central phenyl ring in the core, exhibiting polar banana phases. The extensive intra and inter molecular H-bonding induced novel banana mesomorphic phases. One-dimensional stacking in the mesomorphic phase as well as ferroelectric polar order promoted by intermolecular H-bonding of amide linkage is demonstrated. The compounds exhibit multifunctional properties viz., the enantiotropic liquid crystalline (LC) phase at ambient temperatures, electro-optical response, spontaneous polarisation, emission characteristics with large Stokes shift, and even charge distribution with large voltage holding ratio (VHR) values. The smectic type phase was confirmed by XRD studies and polar order was established by switching current and dielectric investigations. DFT studies revealed the importance of their suitability for display applications.