An expedient and rapid green chemical synthesis of N-chloroacetanilides and amides using acid chlorides under metal-free neutral conditions

2018-11-19T11:56:35Z (GMT) by B. S. Balaji Neha Dalal

We are reporting for the first time, rapid N-chloroacetylation of anilines and amines in phosphate buffer within 20 min. Primary and secondary amino derivatives (amines, anilines) were efficiently condensed with various acid chlorides (containing aliphatic, aromatic, cyclic and heteroaromatic units). We have also shown that the modification of the electrophilic nature of the substituents on the acid chloride did not affect the product formation and the required amides are formed in high yields. The major advantage of this process is highlighted by the ease of product isolation (simple filtration/precipitation). This process represents the first example of a metal-free, green chemical synthesis under neutral conditions to provide an eco-friendly, easily scalable and robust process for the preparation of amides that expands the scope, utility and applicability of acid chlorides.