Application of the multigrid amplitude function method for time-dependent MOC based on the linear source approximation

An efficient numerical scheme for time-dependent MOC calculations is proposed. In the present scheme, one of the most successful factorization method, the multigrid amplitude function (MAF) method, is employed to achieve faster computation with the minimum degradation for the temporal integration of the scalar flux. In addition, the MAF method is re-derived based on the linear source approximation, which is not applied for time-dependent MOC calculations in the past studies as far as the authors’ knowledge, to reduce the spatial discretization error with the coarser flux region separation. The accuracy and computational time of the present scheme are evaluated through the calculation of the TWIGL and the C5G7-TD 2D benchmark problems. The present calculation results show that the present scheme is 6.2 times faster than the conventional method while achieving the same accuracy in the C5G7-TD benchmark problem.