Aromatic components produced by non-<i>Saccharomyces Cerevisiae</i> derived from natural fermentation of grape

<div><p>Aromatic components are important functional products during the wine fermentation process. In the current study, nine strains (Y10, Y5, Y21, Y2, Y19, Y16, Y3, Y13 and Y4) of non-<i>Saccharomyces</i> were isolated from Cabernet Sauvignon grape wine. Aromatic components from Cabernet sauvignon-fermented wine were determined the phylogenetic evolution status of different non-<i>Saccharomyces</i> based on 26S rDNA and D1/D2 sequence analysis and analysed by a gas chromatography–mass spectrometry analysis, and they were grouped into one category with four different yeast genus which were <i>Meyerozyma guilliermondii</i>, <i>Brettanomyces naardenensis</i>, <i>Pichia guilliermondi</i> and <i>Candida fermentati</i>. A total of 102 kinds of aroma components were detected, including 39 kinds of esters, 31 kinds of alcohols, 8 kinds of ketones, 10 kinds of alkanes, 15 kinds of acids and 4 kinds of other aroma substances.</p></div>