Atomistic molecular dynamics simulations of H2O diffusivity in liquid and supercritical CO2

Molecular dynamics simulations were employed for the calculation of diffusion coefficients of pure CO2 and of H2O in CO2 over a wide range of temperatures (298.15 K < T < 523.15 K) and pressures (5.0 MPa < P < 100.0 MPa), that are of interest to CO2 capture-and-sequestration processes. Various combinations of existing fixed-point-charge force-fields for H2O (TIP4P/2005 and Exponential-6) and CO2 (elementary physical model 2 [EPM2], transferable potentials for phase equilibria [TraPPE], and Exponential-6) were tested. All force-field combinations qualitatively reproduce the trends of the experimental data for infinitely diluted H2O in CO2; however, TIP4P/2005–EPM2, TIP4P/2005–TraPPE and Exponential-6–Exponential-6 were found to be the most consistent. Additionally, for H2O compositions ranging from infinite dilution to , the Maxwell–Stefan diffusion coefficient is shown to have a weak non-linear composition dependence.