Awareness of hormone replacement therapy in medical care personnel in Jiaxing, China: a questionnaire survey

This study was aimed to investigate the attitudes and knowledge of medical personnel on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in treating perimenopausal syndrome. A total of 2580 self-administered questionnaire forms were sent to medical care professionals and the responses collected were anonymous. The questionnaire included information on levels of awareness, benefits, and potential risks of HRT. A total of 2158 questionnaire forms were filled and used for statistical analysis; 61.4% of gynecologists believed that it was necessary to conduct HRT in suitable patients, 89.1% would like to recommend the therapy to patients with perimenopausal syndrome, and 83.2% of the participants were willing to take training on HRT. The mean score of awareness of HRT among the respondents was 3.14 out of 10. The main reason for them to avoid HRT was fear of cancer (43.8%), weight gain (30.4%), addiction (21.9%), and thrombus (3.9%). These results indicated that a large proportion of gynecologists are willing to recommend HRT to a woman complaining of climacteric disorders. However, awareness of HRT among the health workers (including gynecologists) is relatively low. They are also worried about the risks. A more concerted effort should be made to better disseminate information on HRT.