Biphenyl-based liquid crystal precursors with alkanoate and hydroxyl group

2016-08-24T23:44:36Z (GMT) by Keon-Soo Jang

We synthesized a series of 4′-hydroxy-[1,1′-biphenyl]-4-yl alkanoate with a potentially reactive functional hydroxyl group as a LC precursor, which facilitates reaction with other chemical groups to tailor biphenyl-based liquid crystals (LCs) for specific applications. Several liquid crystalline materials were also synthesized based on these LC precursors to show high probability to generate various potential LCs. With increasing chain length, the melting point decreased and Rf (retardation factor: migration distance of substance ÷ migration distance of solvent front) of the synthesized LC precursor increased. This LC precursor series provides a useful first synthesis step to design tunable biphenyl/ester-based LCs.