Crystal structures and luminescent properties of a cadmium(II) metal-organic framework based on tri(4-pyridylphenyl)amine

A luminescent cadmium(II) metal-organic framework, [Cd(tppa)2 (bpdc)2]n (1) (tppa = tri(4-pyridylphenyl)amine, bpdc =4,4′-biphenyldicarboxylic acid), has been solvothermally synthesized by using Cd(NO3)2·4H2O and a mixture of tppa and bpdc. Single crystal X-ray analysis reveals that 1 crystallizes in the orthorhombic system and Pbcn space group. Its overall structure is a twofold interpenetrated framework, and it shows a porosity of 31.8% based on a calculation by PLATON and a 4-c type topological network with the point symbol of {6^5.8}. In addition, 1 may be exploited as WLED due to its ability to give off yellow light under ultraviolet excitation.