Determination of trans-resveratrol in Solanum americanum Mill. by HPLC

Solanum americanum Mill. is a plant that belongs to the Solanaceae family, its respective ripe fruit is dark purple. Ripe S. americanum Mill. fruits were submitted to physicochemical characterisation, and their trans-resveratrol contents were quantified by high-performance liquid chromatography. Such determination was executed with fruits at different stages of ripeness and freeze-stored fruits as well. In natura ripe fruit pulp and peel presented average trans-resveratrol amounts of 1.07 and 0.7960 μg per gram of sample, respectively. These amounts are significantly higher when compared to freeze-stored fruit (0.1353 μg of trans-resveratrol per gram of sample) and to other berries. All ripe fruits showed significant amounts of total anthocyanins and total antioxidants. Thus, for the first time, trans-resveratrol has been identified and quantified in S. americanum Mill. fruit samples.