Development and testing of the Revised Morgan-Morgan-Finney (RMMF) soil erosion model under different pedological datasets

2019-06-11T10:47:46Z (GMT) by Nikolaos Efthimiou

The study aims to investigate the effect of soil properties delineation on erosion modelling. To that end, the soil attributes of the Venetikos River catchment, northwestern Greece, are described using two pedological datasets, i.e. field samples and classification maps. The goal is to select the most appropriate for the accurate estimation of erosion. The Revised Morgan-Morgan-Finney (RMMF) model is developed per base map (annual or multi-annual), keeping all other parameters unchanged. Modelled sediment yield (SY) values are validated against “observed” ones, calculated utilizing the sediment rating curve methodology. Overall, the classification maps approach (164.35 t km-2 year‒1) performed better than the soil samples one (82.97 t km-2 year‒1), displaying higher convergence to the synthetic SY (548.9 t km-2 year‒1). The discrepancy among approaches is attributed to the different computation methodologies (thus pedological background) used. Both approximations successfully identified the high-risk erosion areas. The same conclusions arose from the multi-annual application of the model.