Development of a 15-gene signature for predicting prognosis in advanced colorectal cancer

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posted on 10.02.2020 by Xiao Wang, Tianzuo Li

Advanced colorectal cancer (CRC) is a significant cause of cancer mortality, with a poor prognosis. Here, we identified a novel prognostic signature for predicting survival of advanced CRC. Advanced CRC data were used (training set: n = 267 and validation set: n = 264). The survival analyses were investigated. The functional analysis of the prognostic signature was examined. In this study, our 15-gene signature was established and was an independent prognostic factor of advanced CRC. Stratification analyses also showed that this signature was still powerful for survival prediction in each stratum of age, gender, stage, and metastasis status. In mechanism, our signature involved in DNA replication, DNA damage, and cell cycle. Therefore, our findings suggested that this 15-gene signature has prognostic and predictive value in advanced CRC, which could be further used in personalized therapy for advanced CRC.