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Development of cobalt oxide film modified electrode decorated with platinum nanoparticles as a biosensing platform for phenol

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posted on 25.07.2019 by Ceren Kuşcu, K. Volkan Özdokur, Süleyman Koçak, F. Nil Ertaş

Recently, cobalt oxides attract a special attention mainly due to their excellent electrocatalytic activity towards various compounds. This study concerns with electrochemical preparation of cobalt oxide modified glassy carbon electrodes decorated with platinum nanoparticle in the pursuit of its catalytic applications. The parameters affecting the deposition conditions have been evaluated by monitoring oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in pH 5.0 acetate buffer. Under optimal conditions, the composite film electrode surface was utilised as a platform forbiosensor development. Polyphenol oxidase enzyme was immobilised onto the electrode surface for phenol detection, and the influence of solution and operational parameters have been investigated. The medium pH and the enzyme amount have been optimised as pH 7.0 and 0.3 mg, respectively. Chronoamperograms were recorded for phenol detection in micromolar levels.


This work was supported by the Ege Üniversitesi [17-FEN-061].