Diarylheptanoids from the fresh pericarps of <i>Juglans sigillata</i>

<p>One new diarylheptanoid (3<i>S</i>)-3′, 4″-epoxy-1-(4′-hydroxylphenyl)-7-(3″-hydroxylphenyl) heptane-3-hydroxy (<b>1</b>), together with eleven known ones (<b>2</b>–<b>12</b>), was isolated from the fresh pericarps of <i>Juglans sigillata</i>. Their structures were elucidated on the basis of extensive spectroscopic methods, including HR-ESI-MS, 1D and 2D-NMR. All isolates were evaluated for their cytotoxic activities <i>in vitro</i> against the growth of human cancer cells lines HT-29 and MCF-7 by MTT assay.</p>