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Facile synthesis of 2-nitromethyl aromatic ketones by insertion of benzynes into the C-C bond of α-nitroketones

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journal contribution
posted on 18.01.2019 by Ji-Hong Hu, Hong-Jie Zheng

A facile method to synthesize 2-nitromethyl aromatic ketones was developed. In the method, benzyne was generated in situ for the insertion to α-Nitroketones in one pot to achieve 2-nitromethyl aromatic ketones under mild conditions. Aromatic and aliphatic α-nitroketones were applied in the reaction, and the results show that aliphatic α-nitroketones gave excellent yields (up to 96%), while aromatic α-nitroketones gave moderate yields. The synthesized 2-nitromethyl aromatic ketones could be potential substrates to synthesize isoindoles.


The authors thank the financial support by Education Department of Sichuan Provincial [No. 14ZA0349].