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Focused Deposition of Nanoparticles on Polymer Film with an Improved TSI-Nanoparticle Sampler (Model 3089)

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posted on 27.05.2015 by Kanta Fukumori, Hidenori Higashi, Takaaki Naito, Naoki Shiratori, Naoya Hama, Mikio Kumita, Takafumi Seto, Yoshio Otani

A two-dimensional array of spots of deposited nanoparticles as small as 7 × 7 μm was fabricated on a polymer film using a modified commercial nanometer aerosol sampler (NAS; TSI-model 3089) coupled with a surface-discharge microplasma aerosol charger (SMAC). The charged aerosol particles were electrostatically focused by a metal mesh (electrically grounded) on the polymer film (insulator) and electrode (3 kV). The effect of mesh geometry on the concentration ratio (focusing ratio × collection efficiency) was evaluated using monodisperse polystyrene latex particles with diameters of 48, 100, and 300 nm. The electrostatic focusing effect was also analyzed by a numerical simulation of the electrostatic field. The two-dimensional patterning of nanoparticles is an effective method in concentrating particles for the subsequent observation and chemical analysis of aerosol particles. In our experiments, the SMAC-NAS system achieved a net concentration ratio of more than 20 times for 48- and 100-nm particles, which would significantly shorten the aerosol-sampling time. The particle deposition patterns formed on a transparent polymer film may provide samples for analyzing the transmittance, luminescence, and other optical characteristics of deposited nanoparticles.

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