Geological and geomorphological analysis of a complex landslides system: the case of San Martino sulla Marruccina (Abruzzo, Central Italy)

This work deals with the landslides affecting the area surrounding the village of San Martino sulla Marrucina and involving the neighboring municipalities of Casacanditella and Filetto. The geological and geomorphological settings of this area are being discussed. The enclosed maps have been realized following a multidisciplinary approach, based on morphometric, geological, and geomorphological analyses and supported by air-photo interpretation, dendrochronology, and satellite SAR interferometry (InSAR). The map is organized in four sections: orography (on the upper part), geological map (on the upper right part), main geomorphological map (in the central left part, 1:7,500 scale), and multitemporal analysis (in the lower part). The aforementioned multi-temporal assessment of landslides was performed according to the geomorphological evidence-based criteria and the past ground displacement measurements were obtained by dendrochronology and InSAR. The aim of the study is to understand the evolution in time and space of this landslide area, focusing on the corresponding kinematics.