Geology map of the central area of Catena Costiera: insights into the tectono-metamorphic evolution of the Alpine belt in Northern Calabria

The 1:25.000 scale geological map of the central area of Catena Costiera aims to provide a picture of the tectonic setting of the metamorphic units belonging to the Alpine collisional belt of Northern Calabria, Italy. The exposed successions of the study area have been investigated by structural analyses, petrographic, petrological and geochemical studies whose results are summarised in the geological map.

In this area, two HP-LT metamorphic, oceanic-derived units, referred as the Mongrassano and Cozzo Cervello units, have been distinguished on the base of their stratigraphic and tectono-metamorphic evolution. Both the oceanic-derived units show a polyphase deformation history developed under retrograde metamorphism in a subduction zone by underplating and exhumation into an accretionary wedge. These units are overthrust by continental-derived units, referred as the Sila and Castagna units, consisting of medium and high-grade metamorphic rocks. While the Castagna unit displays an Alpine HP/LT metamorphic overprint, the Sila unit escaped any subduction-related metamorphism.