Geology of the Raditladi quadrangle, Mercury (H04)

In this work, we present a 1:3,000,000-scale geologic map of the Raditladi quadrangle (H04) of Mercury. The area covers nearly 7% of the entire planet and encompasses several features of interest such as the Caloris basin, the Raditladi basin, hollow clusters and volcanic features. The mapping took advantage of the data produced during MESSENGER's orbital phase. The mapped deposits include impact-related units observed at several scales from the Caloris basin to the secondary crater chains. The Smooth Plains unit covers the majority of the area, mantling the older Intercrater Plains and Bright Intercrater Plains units. Results show that the emplacement of all the main units and the Caloris impact event, representing the main geologic events in the quadrangle, were concentrated between 3.96 and 3.72 Ga. After this intense phase, the geologic framework was modified only by local events such as impact craters and hollow formation. This map is among the first products for the detailed geologic characterization of Mercury at such a scale. It will contribute as a constraint and a support for both further local investigation and mapping, and targeting of the forthcoming BepiColombo ESA/JAXA joint exploration mission to Mercury.