Geomorphology of the Sierra del Aramo (Asturian Central Massif, Cantabrian Mountains, NW Spain)

A detailed geomorphological map of the Sierra del Aramo (Asturian Central Massif) is presented at a scale of 1:25,000. The Sierra del Aramo is one of the major middle-altitude mountains of the Asturian Central Massif (maximum altitude 1,791 m a.s.l.). Specifically, the lithology and the structural landforms, as well as karst, fluvial, periglacial and other landforms and deposits, have been mapped based on meticulous fieldwork, photointerpretation and a geographic information system. The final printing has been drawn carefully following the RCP 77 geomorphological mapping system of the French CNRS to achieve a graphic design that adequately expresses the true nature of the landforms. Thus, the geomorphological map is a precise scientific tool that serves as a basis for geoheritage studies, and the analysis of natural hazards; in short, for territorial planning.