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Hydrophosphoryl derivatives of tetramycin B: Design, synthesis, biological activity and development of intellectual computer system

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journal contribution
posted on 25.01.2019 by Valery V. Belakhov, Alexander V. Garabadzhiu, Tamara B. Chistyakova

The reactions of tetraene macrolide antibiotic, tetramycin B, with aromatic aldehydes and hypophosphorous acid under conditions of Kabachnik-Fields method result in formation of its hydrophosphoryl derivatives. The physicochemical, medical, and biological properties of the obtained tetramycin B derivatives were studied. Pharmacological tests showed that the acute toxicity (LD50) of the synthesized hydrophosphoryl derivatives was 6-7 times less than that of the starting antibiotic. Biological tests showed that the hydrophosphoryl derivatives of tetramycin B possessed high antifungal and antiviral activity.