Identification and quantification of main flavonoids in the leaves of <i>Bambusa multiplex</i> cv. <i>Fernleaf</i>

2019-02-05T18:19:03Z (GMT) by Xiao-Lin Qiu Qing-Feng Zhang
<p>The chemical profile of <i>Bambusa multiplex</i> cv. <i>Fernleaf</i> (<i>B. multiplex</i>) leaves was analysed by UPLC-DAD-Q-TOF-MS. Twelve compounds were identified and <i>C</i>-glycosyl flavonoids, including vitexin, isovitexin, isoorientin and its derivatives, are the main constitutes of the plant. Besides, a HPLC method for isoorientin quantification was developed. The RSD of retention time and peak area were 0.05% and 2.04% for six times analysis of isoorientin with concentration of 20 μg/mL. The recovery of isoorientin in real sample was 99.2%. The general trend of isoorientin content in <i>B. multiplex</i> leaves was that it steady increased from Jan. to May, and then quickly decreased. The maximum was found on May with value of 4.7 mg/g. The lowest level of isoorientin was found during Aug. to Nov. with value of about 1.66 mg/g. In different seasons, isoorientin is always the most dominant flavonoid which was accounted for about 50% of total flavonoids in the sample.</p> <p></p>