Line positions and intensities in the 7400–8600 cm−1 region of the ammonia spectrum*

2018-05-14T13:53:27Z (GMT) by J. Vander Auwera T. Vanfleteren

The positions and intensities of 1936 lines observed in the range 7400– of two absorption spectra of ammonia recorded at high resolution using Fourier transform spectroscopy are reported. The accuracy of these line positions is estimated to range from 0.001 to from the lower to the upper limits of the spectral range considered, while the accuracy of the line intensities is estimated to be around 10% or better. Also reported are less-accurately measured positions and intensities of 1985 lines retrieved from these two spectra or from only one of them. These results are compared with the data measured recently in a spectrum recorded in 1980 at the Kitt Peak National Solar Observatory [Barton et al., J. Mol. Spectrosc. 325, 7 (2016)] and provided in HITRAN 2016, as well as line positions and intensities measured in this work in the same Kitt Peak spectrum.