Mononuclear oxidodiperoxido vanadium(V) complex: synthesis, structure, VHPO mimicking oxidative bromination, and potential detection of hydrogen peroxide

2018-02-24T05:40:33Z (GMT) by Haimanti Adhikari Kalyan K. Mukherjea

An oxidodiperoxidovanadium(V) complex, (NH4)[VO(O2)2(phen)](H2O)2, has been synthesized and structurally characterized. The complex crystallizes in the P21/c space group. The vanadium center is seven-coordinate with pentagonal bipyramidal geometry. The compound was designed in order to develop a VHPO mimic, so it was tested for VHPO activity through the single pot bromination of phenol red to bromophenol blue whereby, it afforded positive response to establish that the complex is indeed a VHPO mimic. In addition, the compound is capable of detection of H2O2.