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Multicomponent Domino Process for the Synthesis of Some Novel Benzo[a]chromenophenazine Fused Ring Systems Using H2SO4, Phosphotungstic Acid, and [NMP]H2PO4

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posted on 05.05.2015 by M. Rajeswari, Garima Khanna, Ankita Chaudhary, Jitender M. Khurana

Efficient, mild, and quantitative procedures for the synthesis of functionalized benzo[c]chromeno[2,3-a]phenazine derivatives by one-pot, four-component condensation of 2-hydroxynaphthalene-1,4-dione, 1,2-phenylenediamines, aromatic aldehydes, and cyclic 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds have been developed using catalytic amounts of H2SO4 and phosphotungstic acid in EtOH/H2O (1:1) under reflux and also with [NMP]H2PO4, which acts as catalyst and medium at 80 °C. The reaction avoids tedious workup procedure due to the direct precipitation of products from the reaction medium. The present finding provides promising synthetic strategies for the synthesis of libraries with functional group diversity.