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New potential antitumor quinazolinones derived from dynamic 2-undecyl benzoxazinone: Synthesis and cytotoxic evaluation

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journal contribution
posted on 08.10.2018 by Mohamed H. Hekal, Fatma S. M. Abu El-Azm

Since the quinazoline and its derivatives have been considered as a novel class of cancer chemotherapeutic agents that show promising activity against different tumors, a new series of 6-iodo-2-undecylquinazolin-4(3H)-ones were prepared via reaction of 6-iodo-2-undecyl-4H-benzoxazin-4-one with nitrogen nucleophiles, namely, primary amines, 4-amino antipyrine, hydrazine hydrate, diamines, ethanol amine, and/or hydrazide derivatives and screened for their antitumor activity in vitro against a panel of three human tumor cell lines namely; hepatocellular carcinoma (liver) HepG2, colon cancer HCT-116, and mammary gland breast MCF-7. Compounds 14, 16, and 18 showed remarkable broad spectrum antitumor activity. All compounds were fully characterized by means of IR, MS, and 1H-NMR spectra.