One new sterpurane sesquiterpene from cultures of the basidiomycete <i>Pholiota nameko</i>

<p>One new sterpurane sesquiterpene (<b>1</b>), named (3<i>R</i>,6<i>S</i>,7<i>S</i>,8<i>R</i>,10<i>S</i>)-3,7,14-trihydroxy-1-sterpurene was isolated from cultures of the basidiomycete <i>Pholiota nameko.</i> The structure of new compound was elucidated by extensive spectroscopic. Additionally, a single crystal X-ray diffraction not only confirmed the structure, but also determined the absolute configuration of the new compound. The compound was evaluated for cytotoxicity against five human cancer cell lines, but no significant cytotoxicity were found (IC<sub>50</sub> values > 40 μM).</p>