Overexpression of MinE gene affects the plastid division in cassava

<p>The MinE protein plays an important role in plastid division. In this study, the <i>MinE</i> gene was isolated from the cassava (<i>Manihot esculenta</i> Crantz) genome. We isolated high quality and quantity protoplasts and succeed in performing the transient expression of the GFP-fused <i>Manihot esculenta</i> MinE (MeMinE) protein in cassava mesophyll protoplasts. The transient expression of <i>MeMinE-GFP</i> in cassava protoplasts showed that the MeMinE protein was located in the chloroplast. Due to the abnormal division of chloroplasts, overexpression of MeMinE proteins in cassava mesophyll protoplasts could result in fewer and smaller chloroplasts. Overexpression of MeMinE proteins also showed abnormal cell division characteristics and minicell occurrence in <i>Escherichia coli</i> caused by aberrant septation events in the cell poles.</p> <p>MeMinE proteins function in cassava chloroplasts and <i>Escherichia coli</i>. The MinE protein plays an important role in plastid division.</p>