Phylogeny of the subgenus Eumitria in Tanzania

Several Usnea species in subgenus Eumitria (Parmeliaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) have been described from East Africa in the past decades. These have been based on morphology and chemistry data while molecular studies remain very limited. In this paper we are for the first time publishing phylogenetic analyses along with morphological and chemical data for Eumitria. ‬A total of 62 new sequences of Eumitria (26 ITS, 20 nuLSU, 6 MCM7, 10 RPB1) were generated in this study. nuLSU, MCM7 and RPB1 sequences are here for the first time reported for U. baileyi. A phylogeny of subgenus Eumitria from Tanzania based on Bayesian and maximum likelihood analyses of a concatenated four-loci data set is presented, confirming the monophyly of Eumitria. Further, secondary chemistry and variation in characters, such as the pigmentation of the central axis and branch shape were investigated.