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Phytochemical analysis of aerial part of Ikonnikovia kaufmanniana and their protection of DNA damage

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posted on 14.05.2019 by Aizhamal Baiseitova, Janar Jenis, Jeong Yoon Kim, Zuo Peng Li, Ki Hun Park

Ikonnikovia kaufmanniana is an endemic plant of Kazakhstan of which phytochemical analysis has not been reported. The present study found out that this species enriched with antioxidant chemicals. Isolation and structural identification processes reveal twelve phenolic compounds (112) having dihydroflavanonol, flavonol, isoflavone and flavanol skeletons. The annotation of individual components in the extract was carried out by LC-ESI-MS/MS to represent a chemotaxonomic marker of the target plant. The antioxidant activities of all compounds were screened using three different radical sources (DPPH, ORAC, and hydroxyl radicals). Most compounds (111) had significant antioxidant activity against three radical sources, and their efficacies were found to differ by their functionality and skeleton. The potential of the isolated compounds in preventing oxidative damage of DNA was evaluated with pBR322 plasmid DNA. Compounds (1, 5, 7, and 8) had protective effects on DNA damaged with 80% efficacy at 60 μM concentration.


This research was funded by the Ministry of Education, Republic of Korea through the National Research Foundation (2015R1A6A1A03031413). BK21 Plus program supported scholarships for all students.