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Phytomolecules against bacterial biofilm and efflux pump: an in silico and in vitro study

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journal contribution
posted on 27.12.2019 by Rishabh Jhanji, Vipin Bhati, Arti Singh, Anoop Kumar

Antibiotic resistance is a global threat whose incidences are increasing day by day worldwide. Thus, there is a need for new chemical entities (NCEs) or exploration of existing molecules against these types of infections. In the current investigation, we have tested the inhibitory potential of four different phytomolecules (berberine, gallic acid, piperine, and rutin) against bacterial biofilm and efflux pumps by using in-silico and in-vitro techniques. The phytomolecules (berberine, piperine, and rutin) except gallic acid have shown good interaction towards biofilm and efflux pump proteins. Further, In-vitro studies have also shown the good inhibitory effect of tested phytomolecules (berberine, rutin, and piperine) against bacterial biofilm formation and efflux pumps. In conclusion, berberine, piperine, and rutin could be the promising antibacterial candidates, particularly against resistant bacterial strains.

Communicated by Ramaswamy H. Sarma