Preparation and evaluation of floating tablets of pregabalin

Floating tablets of pregabalin were prepared using different concentrations of the gums (xanthan gum and guar gum), Carbopol 974P NF and HPMC K100. Optimized formulations were studied for physical tests, floating time, swelling behavior, in vitro release studies and stability studies. In vitro drug release was higher for tablet batches containing guar and xanthan gum as compared to the batches containing Carbopol 974P NF. Tablet batches were subjected to stability studies and evaluated by different parameters (drug release, drug content, FTIR and DSC studies). The optimized tablet batch was selected for in vivo pharmacodynamic studies (PTZ induced seizures). The results obtained showed that the onset of jerks and clonus were delayed and extensor phase was abolished with time in treated groups. A significant difference (p > 0.05) was observed in control and treated group behavior indicating an excellent activity of the formulation for a longer period (>12 h).