Problems of DPA cross-sections above 20 MeV in FENDL-3.1d found in A-FNS neutronics analysis

Our detailed investigation on the data of iron nuclei in nuclear data library FENDL-3.1d figured out that residual nucleus production yield data just above 20 MeV had a problem, which caused a sharp spike in the DPA cross-section. In addition, we revealed that the same and similar problems occurred the data in other 73 nuclei FENDL-3.1d selected from TENDL-2010 or TENDL-2011. Thus, we revised the yield data and verified that the sharp spike just above 20 MeV in the DPA cross-section disappeared using the revised data. Moreover, the DPA cross-section data of 49 nuclei in FENDL-3.1d from JENDL/HE-2007 became much smaller sharply above 20 MeV because the nuclei had no energy distribution data of residual nuclei above 20 MeV. Other problems occurred in 13 nuclei of FENDL-3.1d from JEFF-3.1.1 above several MeV, due to wrong energy distribution data of recoil nucleus in the inelastic scattering to continuum states below 20 MeV and no energy distribution data of residual nuclei above 20 MeV. The DPA cross-section data of more than 70% of nuclei in FENDL-3.1d have problems due to non-physical data in the original nuclear data.