Radioprotective effect of ethanolic extract of Alocasia indica on γ-irradiation-induced reproductive alterations in ovary and uterus

Evaluation of the modulatory effect of ethanolic extract of Alocasia indica tuber (EEAIT) against γ-irradiation induced ovarian and uterine toxicity. Extract preparation was done by 80% hydro-ethanol using Soxhlet apparatus. EEAIT was administered to female Swiss albino mice (n = 5) daily (200 and 400 mg/kg body weight/d) for 7 days before γ-irradiation exposure (2.9 Gy). FSH, LH, estrogen, progesterone, cytokine levels, and oxidative stress parameters were measured after 24 hours of γ-irradiation. Histology, folliculogenesis, viability of granulosa cells, ROS measurement by flow cytometry, western blot of P450scc, P45017A1, 3β HSD and SF 1 were also performed. In addition, fertility status was assessed by fecundability and fecundity. The results showed that EEAIT exhibit a strong radioprotective activity by reducing the oxidative stress and thereby restored the ovarian and uterine alterations. EEAIT also improved the abnormality in follicle development, restored altered gonadal hormones and cytokines levels, increase the fertility status, reducing ROS level of granulosa cells with increasing granulosa cells viability and steroidogenic enzyme activity as compared to control. So EEAIT showed a radioprotective effect on γ-irradiation induced ovarian and uterine damage. Our results suggested that Alocasia indica tuber can be a potential radioprotector to prevent female infertility.