Repellence of the main components from the essential oil of Glycosmis lucida Wall. ex Huang against two stored product insects

A screening of Chinese medicinal herbs and wild plants for agrochemicals was carried out; the essential oil of Glycosmis lucida leaves was found to possess significant repellent activity against Tribolium castaneum and Liposcelis bostrychophila. It was found that the main components included elixene (19.81%), spathulenol (10.68%), anethole (12.05%), verbenone (10.32%) followed by β-caryophyllene (6.87%). The essential oil, anethole and verbenone were strongly repellent against T. castaneum (96, 86 and 94%, respectively, at 15.73 nL cm−2) and L. bostrychophila (100, 68 and 72%, respectively, at 31.58 nL cm−2) after a 2h treatment. The results indicate that anethole and verbenone had the potential to be developed as natural repellents for control of stored product insects.