SGLT6 - A pharmacological target for the treatment of obesity?

Despite increased knowledge of nutrient intake regulation and energy homeostasis, treatment options for obesity remain limited. Food reward consists of two branches: gustatory and post-ingestive nutritive information. Drosophila lacking dSLC5A11 (sodium/glucose cotransporter 6-SGLT6) prefer L-glucose over D-glucose independently of their state of satiety. Human SGLT6 is an active transporter of myo-inositol and D-glucose. We investigated expression of SGLT6 in human tissue and found a significant expression in the small intestine and brain. The preference between a metabolizable and a non-metabolizable sugar was tested in 3 mouse models with a selective and potent SGLT6 inhibitor. No influence on sugar preference was seen with SGLT6 inhibition. These studies suggest that SGLT6 does not play a significant role in nutrient sensing in mammals.