SOD1 stimulates lamellipodial protrusions in Neuro 2A cell lines

We here investigated the effects of overexpressed superoxide dismutase (SOD)1 and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)-linked SOD1 mutants G93A and G147S in Neuro 2A (N2A) cell lines, and found a three-fold increase in lamellipodia either in cells cultured under differentiated or undifferentiated growth conditions. In undifferentiated N2A cells, SOD1 constructs promoted lamellipodial protrusions to similar extent as the overexpression of Rac1, and SOD1-mediated lamellipodia were prevented by coexpression of the N17 dominant-negative form of Rac1, or shRNA for a downstream effector of Rac1, the insulin receptor tyrosine kinase substrate p53 (IRSp53) or its binding partner LIN7. Moreover, no additive effect was measured by coexpression of the SOD1 constructs with Rac1, IRSp53 or LIN7. Collectively these data support a role for SOD1 in the regulation of Rac1-mediated lamellipodia pathway, a property fully retained by the two SOD1 mutants.