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Silica-supported perchloric acid and potassium bisulfate as reusable green catalysts for nitration of aromatics under solvent-free microwave conditions

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posted on 15.12.2017 by M. Satish Kumar, Y. Hemanth Sriram, M. Venkateswarlu, K. C. Rajanna, M. Sai Sudhakar, Purugula Venkanna, P. K. Saiprakash

Silica-supported perchloric acid and bisulfate (SiO2/HClO4 and SiO2/KHSO4) have been developed as reusable green catalysts for nitration of aromatic compounds using NaNO2 in acetonitrile medium under conventional and solvent-free microwave conditions. The reaction times under microwave irradiation are significantly shorter than conventional method even though the yields obtained in microwave-assisted reactions are comparable with those obtained under reflux conditions.