Soft-walled monothalamids (Rhizaria: foraminifera) of the Crimean shelf (Black Sea): taxonomic composition and inter-regional patterns of species diversity and distribution

We present new data on monothalamous (single-chambered) foraminifera from the Black Sea Crimean shelf zone between Karkinitsky Gulf in the west to the area near Kerch in the east. Within this region we recognized a total of 40 morphospecies; 8 are assigned, in some cases tentatively, to known species and another 9 to known genera, again sometimes tentatively. Twelve species (all undescribed) are reported here for the first time. The most abundant species are Psammophaga sp. (sensu Gooday et al. 2011), Goodayia rostellata Sergeeva & Anikeeva 2008 and Vellaria pellucida Gooday & Fernando 1992, each of which is evenly distributed in all studied areas. The highest species richness of monothalamous foraminifera was observed in the Yalta region. Based on a multivariate analysis of monothalamid assemblage structure and diversity indices [Shannon (H’), Margalef (D’), eveness Pielou (J’), Simpson (1-λ’) and rarefaction ES(n)], we recognized three groups of stations, corresponding to the Western, Southern and Eastern coasts of the Crimean peninsula. The monothalamid assemblages found in each of these coastal regions exhibit different structural features and are distinguished by certain characteristic species.