Soil texture derived from topography in North-eastern Amazonia

We present a 1:100,000 scale soil texture map of Paragominas county (Pará, Brazil), covering 19,330 km2. The method allows rapid production of a soil texture map of a large area where the strength of a duricrust controls the relief. It is based on an easily accessible explanatory variable, topography, which is represented using a Digital Elevation Model. The method makes it possible to map the spatial distribution of the texture of the topsoil layer. Modelling was complemented by field observations to identify the laws governing the spatial organisation of soil textures. The spatial variability of the elevation above sea-level of the duricrust was obtained by Kriging. The error rate of the resulting map is 26%, and the observations of the four soil texture units were respectively 78%, 90%, 41% and 60% accurately located.