Solanerioside A, an unusual 14,15-dinor-cyclophytane glucoside from the leaves of Solanum erianthum

Solanerioside A (1), the first example of a diterpenoid glucoside featuring a 14,15-dinor-cyclophytane scaffold, together with three known terpene glucosides (24) were isolated from the methanol extract of the leaves of Solanum erianthum (Solanaceae). The structure of 1 was mainly characterised on the basis of extensive spectroscopic analyses, especially from the 2D NMR spectra. In addition, the spectroscopic data of (6E, 10E)-5,12-dihydroxy-β-nerolidol 5-O-β-D-glucopyranoside (3) were reported for the first time. However, these compounds did not display obvious inhibition of LPS-induced NO release in RAW264.7 cells and anti-tumour activity against A549, HepG2, Hela and MCF-7 cells in vitro.