Solar potential of rooftops in Cáceres city, Spain

2018-04-16T09:21:56Z (GMT) by Elia Quirós Mar Pozo José Ceballos

Climate change is one of the challenges our society has to deal with nowadays. Photovoltaic is one of the main renewable energies and it is gaining ground all around the world. The prediction of solar radiation is crucial for this kind of energy. The aim of this work is to produce a solar potential map of rooftops the city of Cáceres (Spain) providing an overview of the employed methodology. The estimation of global radiation is based on LiDAR data of high density. Historical radiation records have been also employed to define the calculation parameters. The representation of the estimated global radiation on each building provides a wide range of new possibilities in the use of renewable energies and changes the conception of rooftops to a potential source of photovoltaic energy.