Specific activation, signalling and secretion profiles of human platelets following PAR-1 and PAR-4 stimulation

Blood platelets play a central haemostatic function; however, they also play a role in inflammation and are capable of secreting various cytokines, chemokines and related products. The purpose of this study was to identify subtle variations in platelet physiology using proteomics. We compared the levels of membrane proteins (n = 3), α and δ granule proteins (n = 18), and signalling proteins (n = 30) from unstimulated platelets with those of protease-activated receptor (PAR)-1- and PAR-4-stimulated platelets (n = 10). The vast majority of these proteins responded similarly to PAR-1 or PAR-4 engagement. However, differences were observed within membrane CD40L expressed, and α granule GRO-α and MDC secreted proteins.