Submarine geomorphology of the northeastern Baffin Island fiords and cross-shelf troughs

2019-08-14T05:54:28Z (GMT) by Etienne Brouard Patrick Lajeunesse

This paper presents a series of 50 geomorphological maps of the seabed of northeastern Baffin Island fiords and cross-shelf troughs, in eastern Arctic Canada. The mapping was produced using swath bathymetry imagery from multiple bathymetry datasets. A total of 24 types of landform were systematically mapped (>55,000 landforms) and reflect processes linked to subglacial, ice-marginal or paraglacial to postglacial environments. The landforms record the transition of the seabed from being covered by a marine-terminating ice sheet to the establishment of postglacial conditions. The landform assemblages allow the distinction of ice-flows orientation and ice-stream pathways along fiords and cross-shelf troughs. The multiple moraines and grounding-zone wedges indicate that the ice margin stabilized during retreat and that the overall deglaciation occurred by steps. These maps provide a framework for future investigations in northeastern Baffin Island fiords and shelf and can also provide a template for future seabed geomorphological studies in Arctic Canada.