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Synthesis of Functionalized Dihydrofurocoumarin Derivatives from 3-Aminoalkyl-4-hydroxycoumarin

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posted on 21.05.2015, 14:13 by Pallabi Borah, P. Seetham Naidu, Pulak J. Bhuyan

Some dihydrofuro-fused coumarin derivatives were synthesized from 3-aminoalkyl-4-hydroxycoumarin via in situ generation of N-ylide. The 3-aminoalkylated 4-hydroxycoumarin derivatives were synthesized from one-pot, three-component reaction of 4-hydroxycoumarin, aryl aldehydes, and secondary amines in ethanol at room temperature. Again, when salicylaldehyde was employed instead of benzaldehyde, interestingly pyranocoumarins were obtained. The reaction protocol can be further explored toward the synthesis of many other heterocyclic fused dihydrofurans.