Tailoring of energetic groups in acroyloyl polymers

Acryloyl based novel energetic monomers having nitro acrylates and nitro triazole acrylates were synthesized and further used for polymerization. Due to scavanging properties of nitro groups, syntheses of nitro aromatic polymers are not facile at normal conditions. In this regard, we report a simple protocol to synthesize these energetic group embeded acroloyl polymers. These polymers were characterized by FTIR, and NMR spectroscopic techniques. gel permeation chromatography (GPC) technique was employed in order to understand molecular mass of these polymers along with average molecular weight, number average weight and poly dispersity index. Glass transition temperature (Tg) was determined by using DSC analysis. It was observed that with increase in nitro groups in polymers there is a decrease in glass transition temperature. Two steps degradation were depicted in the TGA thermograph in nitro containing polymers. Heat release during this reaction was found up to 951 J/g. Increase in nitrogen content in polymer unit enhanced the heat release of polymers.