The influence of cultural dimensions when implementing fun in the workplace approach as a driver of creativity

Creativity is essential for success in business, especially in the contemporary world where innovations are a cornerstone of competitive advantage. A large body of literature has examined many factors which influence creative abilities with the work environment being the factor of increasing importance. Creativity has been associated with the work environment through a number of theoretical frameworks and empirical studies. However, the relationship between the work environment and creativity in different cultures has not been explored sufficiently. This paper addresses this gap in the literature by linking the concept of a creativity-supporting work environment and culture. To that end, elements of the work environment (physical, socio-organisational, and fun in the workplace) and creative personality have been analysed on multinational samples. The results clearly point that the relationship exists between dimensions of the national culture (individualism, uncertainty avoidance, masculinity, and power distance) and specific elements of a creativity-supporting work environment.

Practitioner summary: Companies experience high pressure for generating creative ideas. As a result, stimulating employees’ creativity has become a key strategic aim. This study, through cross-cultural primary research, provides clear managerial implications and practical advice for successful implementation and quality adoption of the creativity-supporting work environment worldwide.

Abbreviations: A-FOs: activity-based flexible offices; AVG: average; CDQS: creativity development quick scan; CP: creative personality; CPS: creative personality scale; FWP: fun in the workplace; HF/E: human factors and ergonomics; IDV: individualism; MAS: masculinity; MBA: Master of Business Administration; PDI: power distance; PWE: physical work environment; SWE: socio-organisational work environment; UAI: uncertainty avoidance; USA: United States of America; WE: work environment