The laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy of gold monoxide: B2Σ-X2Π3/2 transition

The electronic spectrum of the gaseous gold monoxide molecule has been investigated in the range of 16000-18500 cm−1 using laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy and single vibronic level emission spectra. Five rotationally resolved vibronic bands are observed and assigned to the transitions B2Σ (v' = 0-4) -X2п3/2 (v'' = 0), in which the 0-0 transition is observed for the first time. The molecular constants of the excited state B2Σ are obtained by a rotational analysis of the spectra. The spin-orbit coupling constant and the vibrational constants of the ground state X2пi are determined with the accuracy improved by one order of magnitude. The lifetimes of most observed bands are also measured for the first time.